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Make the Most of Your Social Security Benefits

When it comes to social security, timing is everything. Knowing how to time your benefits properly and integrate them into your retirement income plan can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. 


You worked hard for those social security benefits and want to take full advantage of the money that is due you. The key is making the right decisions at the right time.

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At the Coastal Financial Planning Group, we begin talking to clients about social security five years before retirement. We discuss multiple scenarios and situations to determine which makes the most sense for your retirement plan. 


One of our investment advisor representatives, Nathan White, is a National Social Security Advisor (NSSA®) Certificate Holder. He's highly skilled in helping clients review their options and use their social security benefits to their full potential. 


The ultimate goal is to maximize benefits and minimize taxes on social security benefits. So how do we do that effectively? By integrating your social security benefits into your retirement income plan. 

Don't wait until retirement is imminent to think about social security. Instead, schedule a discovery call, and let's discuss your retirement plans.
Working with a Specialist Saved this Couple Big on Insurance Costs

Mary and Ernie heard Medicare specialist Jason Mackey speak at a Coastal Financial Planning Group seminar. They received a copy of his "Medicare Blueprint" book and decided to reach out to him with their Medicare questions. 


"When Jason met with us, he took our insurance information and researched the best and most cost-efficient R.X. insurance," Mary said. "We saved nearly $2,000 in R.X. insurance premiums the first year. After that, we were overpaying but didn't know how to compare the many companies' different plans."


Jason also reviewed their supplemental health insurance. For a few more dollars per month, they could get much better coverage and $600 less in the deductible for each of us. 


Mary added, "With our prior supplemental health insurance, we only met the deductible once in about ten years. With the new insurance coverage added to Medicare, everything was covered 100 percent when Ernie was in the hospital."

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