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Proactive Planning is the Key to Big Tax Savings

Income taxation could be the No. 1 risk to any retiree's income without a plan.

How much of your savings and investments will be taken by taxes? It's a genuine concern for those facing retirement. 


Every decision adds up. All your choices can impact your retirement income and how much you'll pay in taxes. 


  • When should I start an I.R.A.? 

  • Should I wait until 66 to collect social security benefits? 

  • Should I take some of my I.R.A. and convert it to a Roth I.R.A. so I can pay taxes now and save later? 


You need answers to these questions and sound advice about how they will impact your future retirement income. 


Plan, so you're not caught off guard. We need to look at every piece of your retirement income plan and determine how we can save you money on taxes

Take a proactive approach to tax planning and avoid costly mistakes that could derail your retirement income plan. Schedule a discovery call today.
Work with a Professional to Minimize Your Taxes

We worked with a physician client to convert his I.R.A. dollars to Roth dollars. As a result, he could now pay taxes and avoid taxes down the road during retirement. He also used a reverse mortgage to pay those taxes, allowing his children to inherit the Roth income and avoid future tax payments. 


None of that is possible, though, without proper planning. A written retirement plan can maximize your retirement income and minimize your taxes.

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