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Rick Durkee, RICP, LUTCF


Our founder Rick Durkee is an author, radio host, and community leader. His professional purpose is to help others realize their dream of living a very comfortable lifestyle, especially in retirement. 


Many folks near Charleston, SC, and the surrounding coastal region know Rick from his time on News Radio 94.3, where he hosted the broadcasts “Money Matters,” “Navigating Retirement,” and “Christian Business Values.” 


He holds the rare designation of Retirement Income Certified Professional (see: RICP) from the American College of Financial Services and was recently appointed a board member of his regional Better Business Bureau. 


Rick enjoys a coastal lifestyle walking the ocean beaches with Violet, his wife of 19 years. He also loves rehabbing their mid-century home, which overlooks the peaceful Ashley River. 


When it comes to his employees, clients, and friends, he considers all of them part of his extended family. He loves when he can add a new client to join the CFPG Family!

What is a Retirement Income Certified Professional?

According to Forbes, achieving a Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP) designation is one of the “Top 10 Financial Certifications For Financial Advisors.”


Our founder, Rick Durkee, has earned the right to put “RICP” after his name to accompany his LUTCF (more on that later.)


Based on data from FINRA (they’re a regulatory authority,) Rick is one of only 29% of US financial advisors uniquely trained to call themselves a Retirement Income Certified Professional*.

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Which five retirement issues did Forbes say an RICP advises on?


Social Security


401k Plans




Long-Term Healthcare


Retirement Tax Issues

Why did Rick study hard to become an RICP through the American College of Financial Services?


He wanted to learn from the best regarding retirement income strategies that would benefit his clients.


Because of his training, Rick can better help his clients optimize their social security benefits and properly transfer any 401Ks into self-directed IRAs. 


In addition, he guides them in choosing the right Medicare plan, understanding the financial risks of not having long-term healthcare, and minimizing retirement tax issues.


Forbes knows what it’s talking about regarding the benefits of working with a Retired Income Certified Professional.


If you want to discover more about RICP, let’s have a casual conversation to get to know each other.

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