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Our Retirement Income Planning Roadmap™ will show you the way.

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What’s Missing from Your Written Retirement Income Plan? Do you Have One?

You deserve peace of mind in your retirement.

  • What risks are you missing? 

  • What opportunities are you overlooking? 

  • Could you outlive your money?

At the Coastal Financial Planning Group, we know you want assurance that your retirement income will last a lifetime. You need a written retirement income plan that maximizes every financial opportunity. The problem is you're not an expert trained to identify risks or threats to your retirement fund. What are you missing? Could you outlive your money? We help you live long and prosper into retirement and beyond. We walk you through our six-step Retirement Income Planning Roadmap © – understanding your goals, assessing risks and opportunities, and ultimately implementing a written plan based on your priorities. Finally, you will have a detailed roadmap for retirement, helping you increase retirement income streams, maximize social security benefits and minimize income taxes.


Develop Your Retirement Income Plan

Receive a customized retirement income plan

We'll recommend ideas and solutions to help you avoid unnecessary financial risks while maximizing opportunities.

Schedule your discovery call

Let's discuss your current retirement vision; paint us a picture!

Feel secure in your future.

With a written plan in hand and annual reviews, you can live a life driven by your retirement lifestyle dreams.


Fewer than 10% of couples have a written retirement income plan. It's time to change that.

What Makes the Coastal Financial Planning Group Different?

Aren’t all Charleston financial planning firms the same? Not exactly. Here’s what makes us different: ​

Our team has earned highly specialized certifications beyond most firms.

Our No. 1 focus area is retirement income planning. It’s our specialty.

Our clients are family. We are here for you and generations to come.


Maximize Your Retirement. Minimize Your Risk.

Don’t let money slip through the cracks. Instead, build a plan so you can retire with complete confidence.
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