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Since 2003, The Coastal Financial Planning Group has been helping seniors and soon-to-be retirees secure their financial future through sound financial planning and tactical wealth management strategies.

As Wealth Allocation & Distribution specialists we help our clients create a financial decision making process that is designed to help them make stronger financial decisions. As retirement specialists, we assist our clients with the 5 core areas of financial planning, which include:

  • Low Risk, Low Volatility Investment Solutions designed to be defensive during times of volatility and opportunistic during times of growth.​

  • Retirement Income Planning that anticipates how much you'll need to not only retire, but enjoy your retirement today and in the future. This factors in Social Security, Pension income, IRA withdrawals and more...

  • Through Advanced Tax Planning we help our clients minimize their tax bill, and help them shelter their assets from unnecessary taxation. Don't let your IRA be an IOU to the IRS.

  • Contingency Planning in included in all of our financial strategies. These strategies are designed to help insulate your retirement from the unexpected and the inevitable.

  • Estate & Legacy Planning is the the last step in every financial plan, to ensure that your assets are safely transferred from you to your spouse and the people you love most.

At The Coastal Financial Planning Group, we see it as our duty and obligation to our clients to help protect them and their financial future. Operating under the fiduciary standard, we provide our clients with the advice and expertise that will allow them to make the strongest financial decisions for themselves and their loved ones.

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