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Do You Possess These Successful Investment Traits?

Last Saturday morning, I read an article in The Business Insider about what creates lasting personal relationships. It spoke of psychologist John Gottman, who set up "The Love Lab" in 1986, with his colleague Robert Levenson at the University of Washington. Gottman and Levenson brought newlyweds into the lab and watched them interact with each other. [...]

Set Your IRA Up For Success

Some of the most-costly estate planning mistakes I come across involve retirement accounts. Contrary to popular belief, the distribution of such accounts is typically not done pursuant to the terms of a will. Instead, the funds are almost always distributed to individuals named on beneficiary designation forms. [...]

Women's Retirement Crisis

Working with a professional on retirement planning is one of the best ways for any woman to reduce the chances of having a retirement crisis at a later date. That way it is possible to get the information needed to successfully prepare for retirement, and to take all of the potential issues into account. By addressing any issues that are already occurring, and finding ways to avoid potential future issues, it is possible to focus on retirement in a way that helps a woman plan adequately and feel more prepared for the future. [...]

Small Business Moves In New Tax Climate

Recent changes in the United States tax code have caused concern for small business owners, because they fear that they will suddenly have to pay much more than they did in the past. That is not surprising, since this has generally been the case when there are changes to tax laws. However, the changes are not always necessarily bad, as there can be hidden benefits for small business owners in the changes to the tax code, as well. These benefits may not be as common as the concerns, but they are still available, important, and worth consideration for all small business owners. [...]

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