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Rebalancing: When, Where, and (most importantly) Why?

When it comes to your risk tolerance, you may have decided a few years ago to invest a large percentage of savings in stocks and remaining percent in bonds. Over time, these different portions grow at different rates, and can knock off the original balance between the two. A new study from Wells Fargo and Gallup discovered that this is likely the case for the majority of investors, as less than half bother to rebalance their portfolios and match their target mix to their risk tolerance at least once a year. [...]

Investing Tips For Those That Do Not Have Much

To a vast majority of Americans, being able to focus on saving for retirement is a luxury they can't afford. In a recent CareerBuilder report, 78% percent of full-time workers said they live paycheck to paycheck, up from 75% in 2016. This means that for many Americans the nest egg is very small, and possibly not worth engaging with a financial advisor. It's important though, for that 78% to still commit to saving what they can, and making the correct investment decisions with what they are able to save. [...]

Tips for Capturing More Money in Retirement

Did you know that the average person in America retires with a net worth of around $200,000? One might think that this sounds like a lot of money, but the truth is, when combined with the average Social Security retiree benefit, this provides a spending lifestyle of around $24,000 a year, which won't cut for most retirees. [...]

Answering the “Do You Have Our Rewards Credit Card?” Question

We've all been there, at the check-out counter when the cashier asks "Do you have our rewards card?". Unless your answer is yes, you get the next line of "You could save 15% on your purchase today, plus rewards and discounts moving forward if you open one today. Would you like to save 15%?" We are all preconditioned when we hear something resembling "save money" to say "Yes, sign me up!" but these cards aren't always the great deal that they seem. There are a few pros and cons you should balance before signing yourself up for that initial savings. [...]

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